Training Muay Thai in Thailand Your First Time

Right then and there I knew I had to go, but how? Didn’t matter. My mind was racing a mile a minute; I am a passionate person, I give all or nothing, 150% or 0. When I get an idea in my mind, I create the reality. So it shouldn’t surprise my friends, family, and readers; that when I decided to train Muay Thai I go to Thailand to do so.

Yes. In fact I am saying, prior to training in Thailand; I only crammed in a few sessions here back home to get some of the basics–and bruises before I flew out.


Honestly, I think this is what shaped my love and respect for Muay Thai (I only noticed this once returning back home to the states.)

Training in Thailand is hard. The climate is as you would expect; tropical, hot, and humid–always. And then it downpours. The beauty of this; whether you are standing outside, or training for 2 hours straight…you are sweating just the same. The gyms are located outside, meaning sure there is a cover over the top of you such as a roof; but there are no walls.

Which leads me to reward number 1: Training outside in a beautiful location makes the “suck” a little less…well, sucky! I can remember my body being in pain, tired, sweaty, and wondering when the session would end; leaning over the cement wall at NSN (Namsaknoi’s former gym in Koh Phangan, Thailand) catching my breath before the next round on the bag reminded me of the beauty around me. It beats four walls inclosed any day.

The next best thing about training in Thailand is the passion and the respect. The trainers have incredible patience for you; even when we don’t speak the same language. Which in turn amplifies my obedience and concentration. I have found that Muay Thai is the only thing in my life in which I am 100% present in. I never have my phone, my thoughts don’t wander, and stick to the task at hand, the outside world is obsolete until the session is over. When I step on the mats here, or there; my mind flips to focus. I am not there to socialize, mess around, or half-ass anything. I listen with anticipation of what to do next; and keep on practicing through the frustration.

“It is said that the hardest part of any journey is taking the first step; in this case I’m throwing the first kick…”

Within my first hour of training in Thailand; I tore open the bottom of my big toe, the sting of the skin being ripped away was nauseating. I quickly went into the office where Angie wrapped me up and taped my toe to prevent any further tearing–and back out I went, to continue training. Every day I would have to wrap my toe with new tape and train through the pain in hopes of keeping it clean enough and dry enough to avoid infection and staph (which is a very common infection given the high humidity.)

It is important to try and shower as soon as possible after training, as well as rinse or clean your clothes and gear. Leaving them out in the sun will naturally disinfect; however, prolonged exposure will shorten the life of the equipment.

Seems with every meal is rice or noodles; how do you not gain 30 pounds?! With the intensity of training; 2 hours one to two times a day, it is easy to burn through these carb loaded calories. It is true that abs are built in the kitchen, but with explosive HIIT like training sessions the “fighter body” is typically a mean, lean– shredded machine!


Looking to travel to Thailand,
Try Muay Thai for the first time,
or take your training to the next level?

There’s no better way than a training camp!

Submerse yourself in the experience with likeminded people, and exploration of the world! Not only Thailand camps are available, but also Greece, and Costa Rica (the possibilities are endless, chances are as the months pass by only more locations will be available for camps soon enough, as the list keeps growing!)


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