The Power of Routine

Routine is key; not everyone’s will LOOK the same, it’s about finding what works for you. But, there are many rituals reiterated time and time again:

  • Read. Read, and then Read some more
  • Exercise of some sort. Physical activity
  • Nutrition and healthy lifestyle
  • Meditation (in whatever form that looks like for YOU)
  • SLEEP, breaks, and rest/naps
  • Nature and getting outside


The list goes on, in many forms; but these things seem true to living the BEST life that you can live. So what does my typical ritual look like?

  1. Wake up at 5am
  2. Listen to Joyce Meyer
  3. Get up at 5:45
  4. Listen to ipod with “Morning Mix”
  5. Make my Green Smoothie (click for recipe if you missed that article)
  6. 6am Train fitness client
  7. 7am Drink smoothie, read daily devotion from The Daily Stoic Read chapter book
  8. Dishes OR laundry
  9. 8am write, and schedule upcoming blogposts
  10. 9am Turn cellphone on, respond/initiate any texts or e-mails
  11. 10am Meal #2 (usually eggs of some sort)
  12. Social Media/Blog sharing/Vlog sharing
  13. 11am Gym
  14. 12:30 Meditate
  15. 1pm Meal #3
  16. Graphic design, Photography, video work
  17. 4pm Meal #4
  18. 7pm Meal #5
  19. 10pm Turn phone on airplane mode
  20. Netflix documentaries/vlogs on YouTube/Editing video/vlogs
  21. Read
  22. 11-12pm Bed

Now, things come up; travel happens, special plans, etc. so not everyday may look like this exactly. For example –some nights I may go to muay thai training, maybe I don’t go to the gym, maybe I go on a hike, or a friend’s pool, or out to lunch with a friend. BUT, most days; I try to certainly follow from 5am–9am as closely as I can and then all else is fair game.

I’ve never been a morning person…doesn’t matter if I was getting up at 4am to go snowboarding, or 3am to fly to Thailand. Morning is not my jam…I’m a peanut butter girl (no idea what that analogy has to do with anything.)

For me not being a morning person; (you may say, “you sure seem like a morning person if you wake up at 5am and get up at 5:45!”) I find this morning ritual extremely important. Everything helps ease me into my day. Just because I wake up at 5am doesn’t mean I am bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to meet the world…God, no! Half asleep with one eye squinted open I roll over to my laptop and try to type in “YouTube” half of the time with my eyes still closed. I listen to Joyce Meyer sometimes in and out of consciousness. My morning Mix consists of John Mayer, Norah Jones, Jack Johnson, Iron and Wine, and so forth– not to mention my first client is my Mom, which I train from home, outside. So you can see how each event rolls me into the next slowly easing me into a productive day.

But why do I drink a green smoothie every morning? The answer is simple…
It makes me FEEL amazing. Not short term like the 5 minute endorphin spike I get with junk food, and later regret with a sugar crash–but long term; mentally and physically.

I love devoting the nourishing food I choose for my body over the occasional junk BINGE. The great part about this awareness?
The junk is slowly moving out of my lifestyle, and less impulses to indulge are arising. I never want to preach something I do not practice; I will not sit here and deny I didn’t have graham central station ice cream from J. Foster in Avon, CT this past weekend, I did.

But! And that’s a big BUT, that– is part of the process. Do not beat yourself up. Do not tell yourself you cannot have something. And do not feel defeated. Competing taught me in a negative way to associate food with accomplishment and celebration (something I never struggled with before.)

Time and time again we are told we are what we eat; and that is certainly true! Instead of thinking of taking away certain foods, think about just adding more and more healthy options IN.

Daily, we have to choose what we want to fuel our bodies with, it is a process, not an end goal. EVERYDAY choose YOU. And just like the balance of everything else…celebrate with chocolate every now and again to remind yourself you are human!

Growing up I was never a bookworm; I didn’t particularly like reading, and I sure didn’t like school. NOW, I can’t get enough of reading and knowledge! Constantly trying to evolve and learn through growth inside and out. Don’t let the pattern of what you’re used to; and your thoughts, keep you from evolving and changing. If there is one thing for certain; it’s change!

No matter the activity; working on my laptop, eating meals, working out, reading– I try to implement them all outdoors. I try to get outside as much as possible, I am happier outside, and I feel more justified staring at a computer screen for hours when I can hear the birds chirping, and the sun slightly kissing my skin.

Too many people seem to LIVE for the weekend…

Burning themselves out during the week; at a job they don’t find fulfilling, surrounded by miserable people, counting down the hours until 5pm on Friday.

Only then; are they too mentally drained and exhausted to do much other than spend their time “relaxing” mindlessly in front of the television…draining more of their energy –without even realizing it.

My goal, is to be oblivious to the day; for it does not matter–
when you do the same thing everyday.

To build a life in the long run that I don’t have to look forward to the weekend, be inspired by my work, and help others stop spending mindless money on things that are not fulfilling!


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